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Ed M Sawyer, M.Ed

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I'm a results-driven education leader with a stellar record of developing relationships and creating growth strategies with global learning and non-profit organizations. I build relationships that create winning scenarios for the school community providing leadership and vision to exceed education goals. I cultivate team-oriented work environments to promote performance excellence.

My background includes full responsibility for developing long-term business strategies and high-level business partnership agreements. My success has been the result of consistently making the needs of the students my top priority and helping them develop a competitive advantage.

During my career, I have demonstrated the ability to identify markets through strategic thinking, planning, and problem-solving and I'm a Subject Matter Expert on delivering professional development, training, and presentations to a multi-cultural and diverse audience

I thrive in competitive and character-building work cultures. I’m an effective negotiator with the ability to maintain margins while building client loyalty.

I believe that’s important for a teacher to have the skills to instill the ideas of respect for others, concern for the common good, and persistence in the minds of students. Next, the teacher must be able to instill the idea of personal responsibility, civility, and punctuality. And finally, teachers need to be able to allow students the opportunity to reflect on ethical considerations. This can be learned when students have the chance to take and defend positions related to ethics.

One of my goals as a lead teacher is to forge personal relationships between students, families, and myself. I’ve seen first-hand how this creates a sense of individual responsibility in the lives of everyone involved. I believe that young people need to have a sense of pride and accomplishment along with a commitment to succeed once they become adults.